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Basic Edits


You’ve got video footage that needs editing. We’ve got all the post-production skills you could want. From advertising campaigns and wedding videos to corporate training videos and animated films, video editing is an essential piece of the creative puzzle which enables you to evoke your desired tone and rhythm.

Trust the Sarani team to take your raw footage from good to great, through the highest quality editing and post-production treatment for projects of all lengths and styles!



Your video footage is shot, but now comes the hard part: editing.

Editing is as much of an artform as the process of capturing the footage, and with arguably more work involved. Top-tier video editing can make the difference between a stellar final production, and one that feels amateur and unprofessional.

Whatever the video project – whether for personal or commercial purposes, from wedding videos and home videos to advertising campaigns and branded assets – a great number of creative decisions must be taken into account during the editing process. Transitions, music choices, mixes, sound effects, colour treatment and more are only a few elements that factor into a video project of professional calibre. Sarani’s team of creative directors and professional editors will work closely with you to guide your choices and bring your vision to life throughout all steps of video post-production.

By the time your project is completed, you’ll walk away with:

  • A complete and custom-edited video file
  • All project source files

With our Basic Video Editing package, we’ll deliver your professionally edited final video within 2 business days, with total satisfaction guaranteed!


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